Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kicking Off 2012 Right

New year, new artwork, and new opportunities are all in effect as I kick off 2012. So what are my new year's resolutions? To get better at documenting my work and uploading it online quicker. I have never been a photographer but its something that I need to do more to keep my website up to date with all my artwork and 2012 is going to be filled with new artwork.

This update features 2 pieces that I created this past Fall. "Never Alone" is based off of a sketch I did of a random patron at Northside Tavern. Is the robot "Never Alone" because it is drinking with others at a bar? Is it "Never Alone" because it has a drink? Or are it's drinks "Never Alone" because the pint has a shot beside it?

"A Light in the Storm" came to be after talking to my cousin Lisa's husband about a possible tattoo idea he had. He runs a home for people with physical and mental disabilities and their logo is a lighthouse. I like the idea of the lighthouse both figuratively and literally as a guiding light to help people, a symbol of safety. It gives people comfort in the fact that even in their darkest hour, if they can see the light, they have a chance.

Never Alone

A Light in the Storm

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