Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This summer I visited my former home, Columbus, Ohio for a few days. During this time I vowed to myself to take in my favorite restaurants while I was in town, the kind of food I can't get anywhere else. I have been a big fan Liz Lessner LaRue's restaurants since she opened Betty's in the Short North. Next she opened Surly Girl Saloon, a bar/restaurant that was less then a few blocks from my old house off of 5th Avenue. SGS would become one of the original Ohio Roller Girls' sponsors and we had all our after parties there the first year. After that came Tip Top with it's love of whiskey, pinball, and all things Ohio. Soon after Tip Top opened is when I left Columbus. When I heard about Dirty Frank's opening, I wanted to visit it as well. That is what began my 3 day/4 restaurant tour to take in all of her restaurants in while I was in Columbus.

While I was chowing down on my coney dog covered in cole slaw at Dirty Frank's, I began to think about all the great meals and nights I had at these restaurants. I decided I needed to give something back beyond paying my bill and a few dollars for a tip. When I returned to Cincinnati, I began working on this illustration for Liz to show my gratitude. Most restaurants and bars don't last beyond a few years, yet hers have and proposed. This inspired me to draw each of the them as the head of a dragon or Godzilla figure. For those of you who don't live in Ohio, the guitar is in the shape of the state. My buddy Caesar played the part of middle man for me and delivered it to Dirty Frank's, which is fitting since it is where the idea for this piece was first conceived. All this blogging about makes me wish I had some sweet potato fries.

Monster of the 614

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